The association has both individual and institutional memberships. The fee for institutional membership is a sliding scale based on the number of teachers listed in the North Carolina Education Directory. The fee structure also indicates the number of copies of publications received. The membership year for individuals begins the date membership dues are received (anytime throughout the year). The membership year for institutions is July 1 – June 30.

4 Easy Ways to Join NCMLE:

  1. Join online now.
  2. Mail or fax membership form
  3. Email membership request.
  4. Call (910) 235-3761 to request a membership brochure.

Board Organization

The Board of Directors is elected to conduct the ongoing activities of the Association. All Board members serve a three year term. Officers are elected within the Board and include President, President-Elect, Past-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Other Ex-Officio members provide additional support to the Board. The Association is a non-profit organization filed under North Carolina Articles of Corporation. Its organizational structure is governed by a constitution adopted by the membership.

Board Committees
  • Best Practices
  • Communication and Technology
  • Conferences
  • Higher Education (NCPOMLE)
  • Pre-Service (CMLA)
  • Professional Development
  • School Transformation
  • Schools to Watch®

See the complete list of NCMLE board members


President: Betty Terrell
Betty Terrell

Past-President: Laura Corraro
Past President
Laura Corraro

President-Elect: Chip Cathey
President Elect
Chip Cathey

Secretary:  Kecia Rogers
Kecia Rogers

Treasurer: Dwayne Squires
Dwayne Squires