Central Office Administrator/Supervisor to Watch Award

Who is eligible to receive the award?: This award may be presented to any full-time North Carolina central office administrator or supervisor, including assistant, associate, deputy superintendent or superintendent.

Who can nominate?: Though nominations will typically come from the Association membership, any individual may nominate someone for this award.

What are the criteria?: The award should be presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding performance in the areas of middle school best practices: Academic Excellence, Developmental Responsiveness, Social Equity, Organizational Structures & Processes.

Examples of this might be demonstrated in the following:

  1. Contributions to the middle-level program in his/her system
  2. Effectiveness as a member of the administrative/supervisory staff
  3. Positions of leadership
  4. Innovative projects

What are the application requirements?: The application consists of the nomination data form including a list of achievements in the areas of academic excellence, developmental responsiveness, social equity and organizational structure/processes, as well as a letter of recommendation from the nominee’s current supervisor. This information must be postmarked or emailed no later than December 15th to:

NCMLE Awards Committee
PO Box 116
Canton, NC 28716

Please call us at (910) 235-3761 or e-mail awards@ncmle.org if you have questions.

Who will decide the recipient of this award?: The NCMLE Awards Committee will select one state finalist from the nominations received this year.

When will the award be announced?: Winners will be notified by mid-January.  One outstanding Middle-Level Central Office Administrator/Supervisor from each of the three NCMLE regions will be recognized at a general session of the NCMLE Annual Conference. Winners will receive a complimentary conference registration.

Please complete the form below, and don’t forget to hit the Submit button when you are finished. Thanks for your nomination!

Award- Central Office Administrator/Supervisor to Watch

I. Nominee:

II. Nominator:

III. Accomplishments:

A list describing the achievements of the nominee in the FOUR criteria of a central office administrator/supervisor to watch. You may wish to copy the narrative from your word processor and paste it in the text box below.

IV. Recommendations:

A Letter of recommendation needs to be sent from the nominee’s current supervisor. Please list the name of the person sending the letter below.