Position Statement on Diversity

National Middle School Association is dedicated to improving the educational experiences of young adolescents by providing vision, knowledge, and resources to all who serve them in order to develop healthy, productive, and ethical citizens. — NMSA’s Mission Statement

National Middle School Association (NMSA) recognizes that diversity encompasses a nation and world that is pluralistic as are the young adolescents in our schools. Therefore, NMSA values diversity and views differences as a vital, positive, and enriching force in the continued development of society and especially in the educational processes of schools.

Diversity is a symbol of strength and a positive force which encompasses differences that make each of us unique. While recognizing the importance of our similarities, diversity is the understanding that through those differences each person brings a unique and important perspective to life.

For those reasons, and to guide the association’s work, we believe:

  • The success of our nation and humankind itself depends on our collective ability to have mutual respect and appreciation of others.
  • Schools must model a community that is based on justice and the celebration of similarities and differences among its members.
  • Organizations must encourage diversity as they design policies and standards.
  • Organizations are strengthened by continued involvement of under-represented populations that may vary over time.

Since young adolescents themselves are diverse; will work in a diverse society; and are also in the process of forming their own value system, it is important for NMSA to assist in the development of teaching strategies, instructional practices, programs, and curricula that help schools prepare their students for success now and in the future.

  • NMSA will continually model and implement practices consistent with this position statement on diversity in its organization, its activities, and in its advocacy.
  • NMSA will provide regular opportunities for its leadership to engage in self-inquiry regarding diversity.