Academic Excellence

High-performing schools with middle grades are academically excellent. They challenge all students to use their minds well.

Developmental Responsiveness

High-performing schools with middle grades are sensitive to the unique developmental challenges of early adolescence.

Social Equity

High-performing schools with middle grades are socially equitable, democratic, and fair. They provide every student with high quality teachers, resources, learning opportunities, and supports. They keep positive options open for all students.

Organizational Structures & Processes

High-performing schools with middle grades are learning organizations that establish norms, structures, and organizational arrangements to support and sustain their trajectory toward excellence.


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Proud to be affiliated with the Association for Middle Level Education.


President's Message

Thank you so much for taking the opportunity to learn more about our organization and our annual conference.  I am excited and grateful to serve as the NCMLE President.  For years, I have dedicated myself to middle grades education and middle level reformation.   It is a true honor to work and lead our strong, beneficial organization. 

Each year, I am both humbled and inspired by the hundreds of college students, teachers, administrators, professors, and other school stakeholders who express interest in and show support to NCMLE.  By attending the annual conference, presenting at the conference, working on publications, or serving on committees, YOU all make the difference in our organization.  Without you, there is no way that we would be as strong, as impacting, and influential as we are. 

I commend you for doing all that you do for the good of our students.  Our students today are curious, motivated, passionate, and focused on getting results.  They want teachers who care, work hard, and get results.  They thrive in schools that are invitational, student-centered, and progressive.  Because of people like you, we continue to do what is best for students all across our state and beyond!

Over the years, I have seen NCMLE change in a number of ways.  With processes and procedures, and recruitment and professional development, things always change.  I have seen NCMLE go through various struggles and numerous celebrations.  With that said, I have never seen our organized better than it is today.  We look forward to serving and supporting students, teachers, and administrators everywhere.  Again, it is a true pleasure to serve as the NCMLE President.  Please know that we are ALWAYS here for anything that you need.  I look forward to hearing from you, working with you, and partnering with you to make good things happen for middle schools everywhere!

Most gratefully,

Betty Terrell – NCMLE President 

2017 Conference