2018-2019 Annual Membership

Dear Middle-Level Educator:

We are honored to have the opportunity to partner with you!  Having over 90% of our state’s middle-level schools as members is an accomplishment we want to achieve year-after-year.  There is power in numbers, and by joining together as middle-level educators, we give a voice to middle-level education in our state, and nationwide.

Regardless if you are signing up as an individual member, part of a school, or as a district office, welcome!  If you are brand new or simply returning, we have great news for you!

NCMLE membership has many benefits.  We gathered your feedback and started offering all that you requested! 

  • Discounted conference registration rates
  • Discounted rates on professional development opportunities
  • FREE publication opportunities in the NCMLE Journal
  • Access to NCMLE grants and the National Forum grants
  • Access to NCMLE awards and nominations
  • The opportunity to present at the NCMLE annual conference
  • “Schools to Watch” designation information and support
  • Access to FREE educational consultants
  • Free resources linked to teaching, learning, and leadership
  • The opportunity to network across the state and nation
  • Links to local institutions of higher education
Your membership number will be assigned and be a part of your renewal each year.  NCMLE membership runs from July 1 – June 30 each year.  Your membership will ensure that you continue to receive all the benefits our organization offers and NCMLE can continue to support middle-level educators and students.  We know funds are sometimes scarce and we appreciate your making membership in NCMLE a top priority.  We have an extraordinary year planned for our members.  The upcoming 44th Annual Conference will be held next March 3-5th at the Sheraton Four Seasons in Greensboro.  Thank you for your continued support of your association!


Institutional Membership

  1-20 teachers       $100

  21-50 teachers     $120

  51+ teachers        $150

  Central Office     $100

Membership only covers staff at your institution.

Individual Membership

 Regular Individual   $50

 Discount Individual   $25

Individual Membership discount available for 1st year teachers, retirees, and college students.

Membership Form

Download the form below:

Please Make Checks Payable to NCMLE.org and mail to: NCMLE, PO Box 116, Canton, NC 28716

Need a unique invoice?  Use the online method and choose Print and Pay option.  You will then be emailed a unique invoice.

Pay Online

You can also renew online at http://shop.ncmsa.net and pay by credit card

This same process also allows you to generate a unique invoice number when you choose the “PRINT & PAY” option.

New in 2018/9

To speed renewals and improve membership experience we are moving this renewal process online during this school year.  It will allow you to connect with other members, renew whenever it is convenient for you, view the current status of your membership, and much more.


Have questions? Call us at (910) 235-3761 or e-mail us at  membership@ncmle.org