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Do you have questions concerning the latest information about technology, teaming, or middle school curriculum? Do you have a question about instuctional stratgies and are wondering where to go? These resources will help. Need quality professional development for your school or district? Please email us at for more information.

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NCMLE has several publications, and we’re always looking for articles.

• Share your research and best practices in the Middle School Journal, contact journal editor James Davis at to discuss your article.

• Also contact James Davis at if you’re interested in writing a  monograph. Guidelines for authors and our selection process are here.



NCMLE Reports & Research Bulletins

• The very first NCMLE newsletter from 1976!

• Dr. William Alexander presente a seminal paper , “The Junior High School a Changing View, ” in 1963. Read this historic document–one of the first publications on middle schools!

• Last Best Chance of 2004: Education Young Adolescents for the 21st Century. Read the report of the North Carolina Middle Grades Task Force.

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Literacy Renewal Credit

Many Members are taking advantage of our high-quality, low-cost professional development activities. Check out our literacy modules.

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Contact us to bring in North Carolina’s leading experts on middle school education. NCMLE can provide professional development in many areas, including:

  • Advisory
  • Scheduling
  • Teaming

  • Classroom Management
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Middle School Philosophy

  • Content Area PD
  • Planning Time
  • Schools to Watch

and more! E-mail us at and let us work with you to set up affordable, high-quality staff development for your team, grade level, or school.