Committees of the board

Communications & Technology
Kim Harris, Technology & Web Services
Mary Newsome, Social Media
Dwayne Squires, Membership
Past-President Chip Cathey, Awards

Pam Harris, Conference Director
Kristy Bullock, Assistant Conference Director
Mary Newsome, Scheduling
Lisa Bailles, Exhibits
Cheryl Bruno, Registration Chair

Dr. James Davis, Chair
Kristy Bullock
Pam Harris
Kim Lynch
Ran Barnes

Dwayne Squires

Higher Education & Pre-Service Teachers
Dr. Laurie Ramirez (App State), NCPOMLE President

Professional Development
Dr. Francis Harris-Burke, Interim Chair

Dr. James Davis, Chair
Dwayne Squires
NC Middle Level Journal
Advocate Newsletter
NCMLE Research

Schools to Watch
Dr. Chris Cook, Co-Director
Jennifer Hall, Co-Director
Dr. Jeanneine Jones
NCMLE Board Members, trained STW administrators, and key personnel