Mission/purpose statement

NCMLE exists to advocate for the middle school concept!

To achieve this purpose, we will engage in these activities:

  • Planning Professional Development (administrator, teacher, support staff, district level) 
  • Coaching, sharing and modeling best practices
  • Hosting an annual conference that adds value to the lives of attendees
  • Publishing work related to the middle school concept
  • Encouraging  membership in our organization
  • Collaborating and communicating  with NCDPI, District Level, RESA, NCPAPA, 
  • Increasing communication with principals
  • Establishing regional contacts
  • Identifying areas/districts lacking representation in NCMLE and target them specifically
  • Securing grants to fund development opportunities


To ensure success, NCMLE Board Members commit to:

  • Attending Board Meetings unless family emergency or work circumstances prevent it.
  • Acknowledging, reading and/or responding to emails, texts, and calls within 24 hours.
  • Being prepared for meetings by reviewing materials ahead of time and preparing reports/activities you are scheduled to lead.
  • Being resourceful by being a good steward of NCMLE time and resources.
  • Being a team player and support each other’s work
  • Maintaining a positive attitude towards the work of the Board
  • Keeping the good of the group ahead of personal thoughts/opinions
  • Exhibiting professionalism at all times